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A Glass Volcano - Extreme Pyro
Glass Volcano with a moose, a bear and 2 devils boarding down it.
A Snowboarding Bear - detail of A Glass Volcano - Extreme Pyro
This crazy bear is using a snowboard to go down the lava flow.

A Snowboarding Moose - detail of A Glass Volcano -  Extreme Pyro
This moose is using a snowboard to go down a volcanic lava flow.
Barnyard Noise Sculpture

A dog is howling and playing his guitar as a goose dances and the other animals sing.

Bull Dog in Wagon Sculpture

By The Light of the Moon Sculpture

The 3 crabs are gathered around the special sand cast shell island to celebrate the summer solstice.

Cloning For Color Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by the story of Dolly the Sheep.
Evies Cute Dogs Sculpture

This was a comission to sculpt a doggie portrait.     

Flower Eating Birds Sculpture

This glass tree is the home to a family of flower eating birds

Free Time For Tea Time Sculpture

Happily the turtle and frog share conversation and their caffinated drinks.

Frog Totem Sculpture
Just playing around the silly frogs piled ontop of each other to see how many they could stack. The top frog stood up to admire the view. Size- 10 x 10 inches
Life Is But A Dream Sculpture

The story of Life is but a Dream is about two best bird friends who haven’t seen each other for years. 

Little Mo Sculpture

This little monster is one of the central figures in my sculpture called the watchful eye.

Loving The Heat Sculpture

Lounging lizards and a becoming cactus both basking in the desert sun.

Panda Bear Magic Sculpture

In the sculpture panda bears are feasting on bamboo,while one baby bear sits in his tree house. 

The Glass Junk Yard Sculpture

In this sculpture the dog is protecting his glass treasures.

The Watchful Eye II Sculpture
This is the front view of the watchful eye.
The Watchful Eye Sculpture

This photo is an overall view of the watchful eye. The center of the sculpture focuses on a sandcast glass building. This building houses many internal government secrets.


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